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Our family wants to help your family. We have been in your shoes, we will do our best to help you get what you want and get you a fair price for your property and help you to get back on track. We go beyond for our clients and don’t give up until you are satisfied!

Heather Thomson

Real Estate Investor

Heather Thomson is a passionate and tenacious entrepreneur, accountant, real estate investor, and #1 international bestselling author. Heather’s belief that you must be the heroine of your own life inspires others to empower themselves through love and acceptance of oneself. She mentors others to become home-owners and real estate investors. In ten years, she has learned to overcome her past, transformed her life, and is determined to help you discover yourself in your own journey.

Judith Lafleur

Real Estate Investor

Judith Lafleur is a feisty, passionate, and tenacious businesswoman, real estate investor, and mother of four. Having escaped a troubled life, she took ownership of her situation and started anew. She reunited with her estranged family and created a world of  love and compassion around her while inspiring others to never give up on their hopes and dreams.

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