Why rent when you could own?

Stop making your landlord rich.

Move out of that apartment, finally.

Can't qualify for a mortgage?
Bad credit?
Past brankrupty?
No problem.

Do you have a good job and down-payment?

... But still can't qualify for a mortgage?


See if you qualify for Rent-to-Own

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Minimum Deposit: $

Minimum Household Salary: $

Do you meet the minimum requirements?

Stop renting

If you have a good job and at least 6.5% down-payment, but can't get a mortgage for any reason, including past bankruptcy or consumer proposal, you could still qualify for Rent-to-Own. Time to move into that house!

Start building equity

A portion of your rent goes toward the down-payment of your home at the end of the term to qualify for a mortgage to buy the house. The purchase price of the house is pre-calculated, and often below market value at the end of the term.

Rebuild your credit

Our Rent-to-Own program is designed to ensure you will qualify for the mortgage at the end of the term, buy pre-calculating what you can afford and how much needs to be saved for down-payment, and how long it will take to build up your credit.

You can do it ... we can help ...

Let us help you get into your new home in 3 easy steps:

1. Get approved

Complete a simple form online for pre-approval. The next step will be to submit your documentation, like applying for a mortgage. Figures will be calculated, such as rental rate, maximum price of house, and end-of-term purchase price. If everything is agreeable between you and our investors, then you will be approved!

2. Choose your own home

After being approved, we will connect you with a realtor to start looking for your new home! Once you've decided on something and it suits our investment criteria (generally speaking, it's within budget, in good condition, and in a decent neighbourhood), we'll buy the house and rent it to you with a legal option-to-purchase agreement. When the house closes, you get they keys and move in!

3. Own your home

Your down-payment + your monthly option-to-purchase funds are kept in trust for you to qualify for a mortgage at the end of the term (usually about 3 years). We can assist you with financing, or you can use your own bank. The house will be transferred to your name at the price pre-agreed upon at the beginning of the term.

Already own your home, but having financing issues?
Refinance with Rent-to-Own.

When the banks won't refinance or loan you more money ...We understand that unfortunate things can happen.
Sadly, the systems are designed to kick you when you're down. However, you may still have options, and we'd like to help. Rent-to-Own could be a possibility ...
1. Sell your house to us

We can buy for cash and close fast (if needed), with a rent-to-own agreement.

2. Rent-to-own, then buy it back in as little as 1 year

Save yourself the headache of having to list your house and move. No ``FOR SALE`` sign on the front lawn. We'll make it seamless and discreet.

3. Reclaim your home – we can help you finance it

You will likely be able to buy the house back below market value. The sale price is agreed up front, so no surprises. Our strategically partnered mortgage brokers are familiar with our program and assist you with financing.

Do you have good household income, but struggle to come up with the required down-payment? You may qualify for special programs to assist you. Send us an inquiry to see how we can help.

To be contacted by one of our staff to discuss your options, complete the form below ...

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